Gay boys in sports gear



Fenrit 2 years ago
Hello. Taga san ka po?
Bazil 2 years ago
But have to say it was not best move to disappear after mob threatened his wife and home. Libs got reaction they wanted. Look for more of the same coming down the road.
Vudoshakar 2 years ago
The Ayesha Curry thread reminded me of this scene. Lol...
Durisar 2 years ago
milk ... a big cold glass of milk is better than good whiskey. ive got good whiskey up in my shelf, and havent touched it in a long time.. but cold milk is heavenly. i spend way too much on it. and uno candy bars. im memory of my mom.[her favorite. there are several things i do in memory of passed family members. a cigar at christmas for my uncle bob.[it isnt christmas unless i smell cigar smoke. ]and disqus. love to read disqus.

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