Come through the gloryhole



Dorn 3 years ago
I think whoever extended the invitation should pay. If the woman asks a guy to dinner she should pay, and vice versa. That's how I am with my friends. If I ask you somewhere, I will be paying.
Tuktilar 3 years ago
Good flick, I recall witnessing it in an adult cinema when it was fresh!
Vudogar 3 years ago
Uhhh... buddy is already in a sick hole there. If he thinks that an innocent dance is sexualizing his offspring, that means he’s thought about his offspring that way before or he wouldn’t have such a negative reaction 🤢 ewww 🤮
Zolom 3 years ago
I wonder why the rest of the kingdoms didn’t just declare themselves independent as well.
Zulujin 3 years ago
Sometimes our imaginations are our own worst enemy.

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