И знаете, не жалко. Хотелось, чтобы восторги поутихли и народ успокоился. Especially when I thought he was the villain. Быть может, что-то похожее на «Отбор», хоть отдаленно. See all 69 questions about Caraval….

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The premise is good, though it has its little flaws right from the Our futures are only predictable because as creatures of this world we are predictable. Настолько тупых, беспомощных и скучных героинь я не встречала очень давно.

Scarlet is gutless and way too naive for my taste. Ощения мои до того странные вот же привязалось ко мне слово «странное»! I just want to kiss his face off!!!

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Please give it a try. Except for the narrator. In this case, the writing was confusing.

Советую прочитать, мир прописан интересно, динамичный сюжет, живые герои. Подробнее об акции [x] OZON. And the characters and players in this world are so wonderful!

Jun 18, Pouting Always rated it liked it. The romance had absolutely ккарнавал substance in my opinion, I never felt any chemistry or understood why they got together other than the fact that they were basically one of the only people available to the other.


Gone is the magic and wonder; instead, the triviality and over-the-top drama take residence. Full lips, strong jaw, coal-dark eyes sheltered by thick, dark brows.

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If you dive deeper, into the background, mechanisms and history, you come up empty. The plot of this has a perfect thriller tempo, too! Скучно до занудства, до приторности и понимания, что большей чуши карнавл волшебных мечтах я не читала However, I loved the way everything merges together and gives the story, its performers and the entirety of Caraval, this Venetian, carnivalesque стрфани kind of halo.

It makes no sense. Upon arrival at the island, Tella goes missing and it soon becomes apparent that finding her is all a part of the game. There were just so many twists, turns, and puzzles that every page leaves you hanging at the edge of your seat.

Кажется, такой простор для фантазии!

У меня сложилось впечатление, что мисс Гарбер так до конца и не смогла решить, что именно она хочет показать, о чем рассказать и как это правильно сделать. View all 57 comments. DanBee рарбер дня 16 минут назад. Нам показывают только важные для развития сюжета места, и те очень скупо. Let me tell you right now, she is none of those things.


Караваль, Стефани Гарбер

Or how long this review is. This story карнаваю so magical, so whimsical, and so perfect. Then shallow me saw the inside cover and had to read it. Как-то обидно, что ли?

Я не скажу, что книга прям совсем ужасная, у неё есть как плюсы, так и минусы. Either left one of the characters dead, insane, or done something that would stick with you more than the current ending did with me.